Educate, Inform & Affirm
Dr. Mary ,RN


Welcome to my corner of the world. My world is filled with Faith, Family and Nursing. I hope to share stories of real life as I balance being a wife, mother, daughter, and a Doctor Nurse. Spend time with me, hear stories from my perspective and hopefully find some positivity along the way.

My Latest Posts

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  • The Pears of Cherrylawn
    Hello everyone. I’m sitting here eating a pear. A juicy big pear. It’s the last days of summer, a little chill in the air, life is good at the moment. […]
  • Memories
    So many years have passed, and more lines adorn our face, the future is more etched in stone than it was. Yet, we look forward to what God will do, we hope in things not seen and believed the Best is Yet to come.
  • Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022
    This is a late post. As 2021 was winding down, I spent time reflecting on the year. The highs, lows, wins, losses and hopes and dreams. My word for 2021 […]

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